A division of The G Group Inc

About Us

We are a family owned business which specializes in the recovery of government held assets. Every year, millions of dollar are transferred to dozens of government agencies by corporations, banks and employers who are legally obligated to turn over lost or inactive accounts.

By using the same precise tracing system that is used by local and national law enforcement agencies, more than $50 million dollars has been successfully paid to families and businesses that have responded to Revenue Recovery Inc.

We make the recovery process simple. Our expertise cuts through the complexities of government regulations and ever-changing rules that enables us to recover assets quickly.

Our thorough search of the government's database ensures our client's collect every dollar due to them. We track the process every step of the way allowing the government no reason to not process the claim.

We work hard to locate lost documents or records that are needed to get accounts paid. The extra effort and cost we incur in obtaining any additional documents is not charged to our clients.